What Is A Tire's Speed Rating

Understanding Tire Speed Rating

Tires are made to spin at a very high rate of speed, some are just made to move faster.  This is even more important for tuners and performance car drivers that want one thing--safe speed.  Not having proper tires can make a very fast car sit still and smoke tires.  The speed rating is usually a single letter code that indicates a tire's maximum speed capability.  Performing inside of this range ensures that the tire can handle the heat that is created and that it will perform effectively.  Keep in mind a vehicle's safe speed rating is determined by the lowest speed rated tire that is on the vehicle.  It is important to make sure your vehicle has the right tire size and speed rating as designed by the Manufacturer to ensure proper performance.  

Of course, you should always obey the posted speed limit and save higher speeds for controlled environments.  

Tire Speed Ratings in Omaha Nebraska

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