What is my Tire Size

Why The Correct Tires Matter

Sometimes it is not as obvious that a vehicle has the wrong tires. Tires greatly affect the entire driving experience.  They not only affect your ability to stop, but also to steer and even the comfort of the drive itself.  

Tires are so important that the Manufacturers have changed their engineering process over the last dozen or so years.  In the past they would design the car first, and then shop for the least expensive tires they could find.  Now, they design the vehicle with very specific tires in mind.  Brakes, suspension and body lines are designed with specific tires in mind.  When it is time for you to change tires, it is best to stay with the tires the Manufacturer chose to build the car with.  

What Size Tires Do I Need?

Every vehicle places a label that let the owner know exactly what size tire that the vehicle needs.  This is specific to your vehicle and will let you know the proper size for the front tires, rear tires and even the spare tire as well. 

This label is often located on the drivers door panel towards the knee level.  Some older vehicles, or other Manufacturers, may have them placed in the rear door well or in the glove box.  

This information is also located in the Vehicles owner manual, though you may need to know the vehicle configuration as owner's manuals are made for Models, not specific vehicles.  

How To Read The Tire Label

There is a lot of information on the Tire labels that help you ensure that your vehicle has the right inflation, tire size which  will help prolong the mechanical life of your car.  

The top of the sticker provides information on the number of occupants, and total weight the vehicle should carry.  

This label also displays the tire size for the front, back and spare tires of the vehicle.  The Tire label, or placard, also shows you the proper tire inflation level for each of your tires.  

Tire Size - What does It Mean?

Tire size is provided in a specific format that provides specific size information in a uniform method that is consistent World Wide.  Read more about tire size here.

Comparing this to the tire label will ensure that you have the right size tire for your vehicle.  It does not display the brand, or tire manufacturer on the placard, but we recommend staying with the original manufacturer or equal/higher tire quality.  If you are not sure which tire brand was Originally used, you can look in the Owners manual, or for an included pamphlet provided with the owners manual as a supplement.  

Of course, you can always trust the Tire Experts at Beardmore Chevrolet to provide this information to you.   You can Contact us or use our handy Tire Tool on line.